Oxford Students Launch FinTech Society


A couple of weeks ago, we looked at what it takes to work in the FinTech industry, in light of the recent announcement that the University of Strathclyde would be launching a new MSc on the topic. It is clear that the financial technology industry has expanded dramatically over recent years, and it seems that the education system and its institutions are catching up.

A recent article on the Oxford Business Law Blog explains how a group of postgraduate students are planning to launch an Oxford Fintech & SmartLaw Society. As they comment, recent disruption to the stability of the existing financial business world came about in the form of websites such as TransferWise, technology such as blockchain, and concepts such as big data. All these developments, along with many others, have had a huge impact on areas of today’s society.

Alfonso Delgado, author of the article, comments that “Our primary goal is to foster a thought-provoking discussion about the impact that these innovations will have on business, legal practice and regulation.” They also plan to hold a series of three seminars that will cover FinTech, blockchain and big data.

It is clear that as the world of financial technology evolves, it is attracting attention. Not only are media outlets dedicating more coverage to it, but educational institutions are also sitting up and taking notice; realising that this is becoming something students should study, discuss, opine on, and debate. It will be interesting to see what the future holds.

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