Our Team

Our international team spans the globe. We are full-time employees and freelancers based in 11 countries, who speak over 10 languages, and have decades of combined experience in countless industries.


Meet the dedicated team behind your platform.

Daniel Rajkumar

Managing Director

Daniel founded WLCF, and runs operations from the company’s Leeds office. He is involved in sales, projects and post-launch support. He also continues to play an active role in rebuildingsociety.com.


Pawel Szewczyk

Project Lead Manager

Pawel oversees all WLCF project from our office in Leeds. He organises tasks, coordinates teams, works on database issues, solves WordPress problems and has an extensive knowledge of all things technical.


Kylie Greeff

Legal Manager

Kylie works in the legal, operations and compliance departments across both rebuildingsociety.com and WLCF, ensuring that WLCF is kept updated regarding regulatory requirements.


Evelyn Castro

Project Manager

Evelyn is based in El Salvador, and works with customers worldwide. She also launches projects, keeps them on track, progresses tasks and ensures client satisfaction throughout the platform creation process.


Chris Gomez

Project Manager

Chris multitasks like a pro, collaborating with clients and developers, leading projects, setting up prototypes, analysing errors, leading demos and carrying out post-launch account management.


Phil Crowther

Graphic Designer

Phil has worked closely with WLCF clients since our launch. He helps bring their visions to life, from branding through to the web design process, and also collaborates on WLCF content, including our website.


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