White Label Crowdfunding was founded
so that we can share our experience and expertise with you.

White Label Crowdfunding came about as the result of the success of, and we are excited to be able to pass on our knowledge to our clients from the very beginning.

Our consultancy service are available from the moment your project commences. We help you define and refine your business model; ensure that you address and analyse your business processes; and offer support and advice in both pre-launch and post-launch phases. In addition, we offer specialist marketing consultancy and support.

Remember, we were in your shoes once. We are very familiar with the work that goes into launching a P2P lending platform, the decisions that must be made and the challenges that may arise along the way – we have done it before. We now have first-hand experience, not only of creating our own platform, but also creating those of others, and we have learnt something from each and every client we have worked with. We want to share our experience and expertise with you, so that you can run your FinTech business for many successful years to come.

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