Software as a Service

Our full end-to-end build solution adapts to your timings and sees your project through from business model to full launch.

Our experience with, along with our external clients, has enabled us to hone our expertise in building P2P lending platforms. We have invested over 10,000 hours in development, design, testing and project management, and as a result, have created world-class P2P finance technology.

The platform is based on a popular open source content management system; a fantastic tool for maintaining a website that is popular that it is currently estimated to power around 18% of the web. There are numerous benefits to using open source technology, not least that we can modify it to suit client needs, integrate chosen plugins specific to desired usability and operational features.

The platform incorporates a variety of advanced features that make processing P2P lending transactions easy and efficient. These include uploading funds to the platform, placing bids on loan auctions, completing loans, calculating interest and assigning repayments to the correct lenders.

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