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At WLCF, we create and launch crowdfunding platforms, as well as offering pre-launch consultancy and post-launch support. Our very first peer-to-business platform and partner company, was recently granted full authorisation by the FCA as a Network Principal.

We are now offering clients the opportunity to set up and operate a regulated platform by becoming Appointed Representatives and working in conjunction with

This method of becoming a regulated platform saves a huge amount of both time and money. worked hard to achieve FCA authorisation by preparing and implementing a wide range of policies and processes required from regulated platforms. They are now in a position to implement and make these policy manuals available to Appointed Representatives.

Aside from the initial preparation and setup of the regulatory framework, also offers ongoing support, access to proven systems and controls, risk mitigation strategies, and a streamlined operating model.

Becoming an Appointed Representative enables WLCF clients in the United Kingdom to expand the audience of their marketplace and attract both retail and institutional investors. Improve your speed to market, overtake competitors and test business concepts as an AR first.

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