The software we have created encompasses various modules that incorporate the necessary elements of your platform.

All projects begin with the core platform module; the base of your site, which contains all the necessary elements required for a functioning platform. These include the overall platform setup, a workshop consultation, that ensures we understand exactly what you want to do, and the creation of the various environments we use to develop, test and launch your future site. We also configure user permissions management, enabling you to create user roles, as well as platform variables, for the setup of fee structures, and the creation of an audit trail, to track detailed records of all user system interaction.

Following on from the core platform module, we use our knowledge, experience and in-depth understanding of the software to make recommendations for modules that we think will suit the site you want to build. In addition to the modules below, we offer an array of other options, including multiple currency implementation, globalisation services, API access, mobile application creation and affiliate marketing.

The modules available include:


Primarily focused on the borrower user type, the origination module facilitates the incorporation of loans into the platform, enabling the front-end submission of loan applications and the back-end borrower dashboard.

Investor Management

This module is necessary for the investor user process, as it puts into place the features that enable investors to register, be verified, personalise their accounts, and go on to use the platform. It includes investor on boarding, dashboard setup, profile management and AML verification facilities.

Loan Management

This module contains all the necessary software to create, process and repay loans. Loan profiles can be created, agreements prepared dynamically and details referred to external risk data providers. Loans can be monitored and refinanced, and direct debit repayments can be activated through a third-party integration.


The principal marketplace and any additional marketplaces are created and enabled; and optional autobidding and portfolio building features are implemented with the marketplace module. The marketplace is the heart of platforms; autobidding features assist users by responding to their investment preferences; and the portfolio builder means you can create bundles of existing loans to attract users.

Client Money Management

The client money management module enables the process of incorporating client money into the platform. The software facilitates the management of user funds, calculating balances and transactions and making that information available to admin users. It also features a double entry system, and e-wallet and payment gateway integration options.


The introducer module contains the software necessary for the creation of introducer user types. These users can then manage the clients and new users they introduce to the platform. The module includes the application process, a pipeline dashboard and the administration of the relevant loan applications.

Appointed Representative

This module enables the outsourcing of compliance requirements, through, our own FCA-authorised platform. This scheme allows appointed representatives to operate with the same permissions, becoming part of the network. It facilitates the creation of the relevant policies and procedures and the training of your team.



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