What is the Project Tool and why is it so important?


Providing a service to our White Label Crowdfunding clients is about so much more than setting up their platforms and handing them over. The industry is going through a phase of rapid growth and innovation, so each platform we launch is necessarily the result of a highly collaborative project to which we and our clients have contributed.

In order to make this collaboration – sometimes across different time zones – as seamless as possible, we work with the Project Tool, a web-based system that makes it possible for us to work with our clients in a constructive, time-efficient way. The Project Tool enables us to:

Exchange Ideas

We all need a forum where our clients can communicate their ideas and requirements, and where we can make suggestions that will help make them reality.

Maintain a Base of Information

We need to make sure that vital information is not lost or hidden – an idea suggested may take months to become a reality as your priorities evolve, and the team involved with the project may also have changed in this time. We need a way to keep that idea visible and on the agenda so we can pick it up when you are ready to go ahead with it.

Track Performance

Once work is in progress, you need to have visibility on it. How long will it take? How much will it cost? Are there important factors to consider before it goes ahead? Who is working on it? What relationship does it have to other tasks?

Don’t take my word for it; watch some of the videos we have prepared to explain the project tool to our partners.

See more about the Project Tool

Why not have a look yourself and see how our clients collaborate with us online?