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In addition to our full-time team, who in themselves are based all around the world, from Leeds to Madrid to Russia to El Salvador, we also collaborate with freelance specialists in various locations.

The range of skills, specialities and time zones of our full-time and freelance teams ensures that we can complete tasks in a swift, efficient manner. We continually seek out and recruit talented individuals who are available to collaborate with us on the various projects we have underway at any one time. We currently work with a dedicated Server Administrator, as well as several full-stack developers, and front-end specialists, all of whom are experts in their field. Working with freelancers means they are able to work on a variety of projects, and we are able to call on them when we need them. Modern technology ensures communication isn’t a problem!

As Founder and Managing Director, Daniel Rajkumar, recently commented:

“A good team needs a variety of specialised skills. We recruit some of the best talent and commit to ongoing training to keep our expertise current. It’s common for best practice to evolve quickly, so it’s vital to have a team that can adapt and evolve with the needs of the business.”

Some of our most highly-valued developers are based in Russia, Ukraine and Bulgaria, while others live in Guatemala and Venezuela. This worldwide network spanning numerous time zones means that we can rely on someone being available whenever a task needs to be completed.

Excellent communication is vital when working remotely. We use a variety of online tools to communicate with our colleagues, including email, Skype and our personalised Project Tool. Through these tools, we can ensure that everyone is aware of the status of current tasks, informed of relevant updates and up-to-date with their responsibilities.

Would you like to find out more about the WLCF team and our network of freelancers? Get in touch at hello@whitelabelcrowd.fund and find out what our team can do for you.

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