Multi-Faceted FinTech Firms


Expanding industries promise opportunity, challenges and the chance to become part of an evolving field with unlimited potential. The FinTech industry is no exception.

Earlier this year, we took a look at what it takes to work in FinTech, and also commented on the newly-founded FinTech society at Oxford University, which shows how the topic is becoming more and more relevant in education.

A recent article published on discussed how to get into FinTech even if you don’t code. As they commented: “FinTech firms are not only looking for coders. There are plenty of jobs available to people who have a less technical background.”

Firms focused on FinTech have a need for a variety of skills; not just technical abilities and people who can develop the software needed for platforms. As is the case in any industry, specialist companies also need talented sales people, qualified project managers, knowledgeable marketing experts and experienced legal specialists.

At White Label Crowdfunding, we not only employ dedicated technical developers who are experts in WordPress and the software we use; our team also includes project managers, designers, communications and HR specialists, and legal and business development professionals.

Our project managers have in-depth knowledge of the process and procedures involved in setting up platforms. They are involved in the whole process, communicating with clients and assigning technical tasks to developers. They are organised, efficient people who are great at problem-solving, communicating and getting things done.

Our business development managers and sales representatives are internationally-minded individuals who know our services inside out. They are responsive, knowledgeable communicators who can explain things well, understand queries and customise solutions according to requirements.

Our communications manager is a dedicated, detail-oriented writer who strives to explain our ethos, activities and services in an accurate, interesting way. She is a spelling and grammar enthusiast who spends her time sharing information, delving deep into the topic of FinTech and telling readers about news and events.

The HR specialist at WLCF applies her knowledge and experience to her position, combining her positive outlook and communication skills with in-depth knowledge of the human resources field. She shows a dedication to the company’s success and prioritises the happiness of the employees.

Our legal team have studied to become experts in the legal business elements of the industry and our business. They apply the knowledge and legal acumen they have developed over the years to ensure we abide by relevant rules and regulations.

The WLCF graphic designer has worked with our Managing Director for many years. He is a creative, talented individual who applies imagination and innovation to all his work, which ranges from site design to white paper branding to presentation creation.

To meet our team individually, take a look at our Insider Interview series, where you can read interviews with Nick Newton, Maria Samayoa and Pawel Szewczyk.

If you’re interested in working with us, take a look at our Careers page. Or if you would just like to find out more about the company, contact us via phone or email.

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