InvestNextDoor Disrupting US Small Business Financial Services


White Label Crowdfunding’s (WLCF) client, InvestNextDoor ( is disrupting the way US small businesses access capital based on a proven formula and technology applied in the UK market where peer-to-business lending is a significant force in small business financing.

InvestNextDoor has already achieved considerable traction with numerous small business listings and investor registrations, plus industry recognition, including the OuterWall Civic Innovation Award ( received in October.

Its partnership with WLCF provides a platform that enables businesses borrow from local investors attracted by good returns for the local economy and themselves.

“Technology has disrupted many sectors – the disruption of financial services is just beginning and the UK’s progressive securities regulations have enabled that market to be global leaders in the introduction of alternative finance solutions,” stated InvestNextDoor CEO and co-founder Tabitha Creighton.  “We are very pleased to be the first Peer-to-Business platform in the USA to offer an innovative, local, flexible and cost-effective alternative to banks and other financing sources.”

COO Lisa Ohman added, “Small businesses, the regulators and investors in the US market have unique requirements that we have reflected in building an industry leading application on top of the proven software provided by WLCF.”  InvestNextDoor has built out a unique, custom US market application on the SaaS code base provided and integrated with leading 3rd party applications like Crowdbouncer.

“Tabitha and  Lisa are building a really powerful brand with the opportunity to take the US market by storm,” commented Jayne Reid, Partner Director at WCLF. “We’re delighted to be a part of their operational strategy and look forward to helping US businesses attract vital funding from their communities, in the same way rebuildingsociety does in the UK market.”

InvestNextDoor is a progressive Locavesting marketplace where US businesses borrow directly from investors, bypassing banks and financial intermediaries. InvestNextDoor’s marketplace enables investors to directly invest in businesses, creating a true direct Crowdlending marketplace.

The emergence of Peer-to-peer lending, equity crowdfunding and Crowdfund Investing has been exploding in the U.S. and many international jurisdictions, and is having a significant impact on how small-to-midsize-businesses (SMEs) raise early rounds of seed and expansion capital.

WLCF specialises in creating marketplace-driven websites, with intuitive front end design, easily customisable administration areas, efficient repayment mechanisms and a database capable of performing thousands of transactions and presenting live data to investors.

WLCF is a global leader with clients in markets as diverse as UK, US, Malaysia and Georgia.