FinTech Academy to be Held in South Africa


The first FinTech Academy Africa will take place in Johannesburg on April 24-25 this year. A collaboration between FinTech Circle and Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative, the academy is designed to offer participants a deeper understanding of best FinTech practices. The two-day event is the first of its kind in Africa; its launch reflects the growing interest and increasing opportunities in the industry.

In a quote on the FinTech Circle site, CEO and Founder, Susanne Chishti, says:

“A new industry is being built which will Susanne-Chishtirevolutionize how we bank, pay, invest and trade with other consumers and businesses worldwide. You have the choice of sitting on the sidelines and watch how FinTech will change your personal and professional life. But you can also get ahead of the game by becoming involved, building up your expertise and potentially invest into the next Apples, Paypals and Googles which are being founded in the UK today.”

The Academy will help people get involved in the FinTech industry, educating them on the technology that is revolutionising modern business and giving them the necessary knowledge to become part of the industry.

FinTech-Academy-AfricaThe FinTech Academy Africa will offer various sessions led by international experts, who will be aiming to impart a comprehensive understanding of the sector, something that would take between nine and 12 months to achieve with standard working practice. It is aimed at CEOs and other professionals holding similar positions and will follow a curriculum based on the The FinTech Book, the first crowdsourced book about FinTech, which was co-authored by Susanne Chishti. Topics to be covered include a global overview of FinTech trends, FinTech accelerators, emerging FinTech markets, insurance and blockchain, as well as the emerging African markets and the impact that FinTech can have within them.

The recently-published Africa and Middle East Alternative Finance Benchmarking Report studied the size and growth of crowdfunding and P2P lending markets in Africa and the Middle East; we took a look at the P2P lending potential of Africa in a blog post on the subject. It’s clear that Africa is gaining more recognition, and becoming a more relevant player in the crowdfunding industry, making education on the topic, through academies and initiatives such as these, of utmost importance.

We recently collaborated with Khonology, who are based in South Africa. If you would like to speak to one of their experts about crowdfunding in Africa, or find out more about how we can work with you to launch into the crowdfunding sphere, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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