Exciting improvements in the works at White Label for 2016

Audrey White

We hope 2016 will be our best year ever, and that starts with our team making some big changes to you and your customers’ experiences on the platforms that will make them even more seamless, productive and enjoyable.

Some of these changes will include:

  • Our first major update of the admin-side user interface
  • A range of new modules that add functionality to the core platform, including integrations with new payment gateways and e-wallet systems (Mangopay, SynapsePay)
  • A revamped White Label Crowdfunding website with more information and insight on how to launch and run a platform.
  • Fortnightly webinars for anyone interested in using our technology. These are already in progress, and you can watch recent webinars online.

“The modularisation of our software is great news for our current and future customers,” said White Label Crowdfunding’s Malcolm South. “By picking the most important features , new platforms will be able to launch quicker and at lower cost, and will be able to easily add functionality as they grow.”

We’ll keep you apprised as we implement these exciting improvements throughout the year. As always, please reach out to our team with any questions.

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