Daniel Rajkumar Fills us in on FinTech North


Daniel Rajkumar has lived in Leeds since he attended university in the West Yorkshire city. It is there that he has founded his three businesses: Web-Translations, rebuildingsociety.com and White Label Crowdfunding.

Daniel ventured into the financial technology field in 2012 when he launched rebuildingsociety.com, the peer-to-business lending platform that was recently authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. The technology behind this site was the inspiration for this company, WLCF.

A dedicated entrepreneur who is passionate about the FinTech field, Daniel has worked hard to develop the industry, make progress and enhance the reputation of the north of England within the field.

Last year, Daniel collaborated with Julian Wells of Whitecap Consulting and Dr. Chris Sier, FinTech Envoy for the North, to plan and execute the inaugural FinTech North. This year, the event promises to be even bigger and better, with an impressive agenda of prominent speakers, a host of sponsors and a full guest list.

We spoke to Daniel to find out more about the event.
How is planning for the event going?

Very well, I think we’re just about ready. We invited various clients and I’m glad to see that many of them have signed up. We’re all excited about meeting other people in the industry and very pleased to see the number of delegates booked on.

Who are you most looking forward to hearing speak?

I’m looking forward to hearing from Christopher Woolard. I’m impressed with the FCA’s effort to work with financial innovation and his presentation about the innovation sandbox is what I’m most excited to find out more about.

What has been the most challenging aspect of organising the event?

Deciding who to take! Everyone in the team wants to participate, which is great, but someone needs to look after the customers!

It’s also been challenging arranging the agenda, trying to cover all the aspects of FinTech that we wanted to include, and hear from a range of experts across the industry. I think we’ve managed to incorporate everything we wanted to.

What will you be speaking about?

Rebuildingsociety’s journey to becoming an FCA-regulated firm and what the next chapter holds for the business.

The first business you established is Web-Translations. What made you move from translation to finance?

I’ve always had a passion for web technologies and when the banks stopped lending and cut the interest rates to lenders, it felt like a natural solution. I wanted to launch a business that would offer ambitious businesspeople in need of funding the opportunity to seek investment through alternative routes. Rebuildingsociety.com brings together such borrowers with investors looking to support SMEs and make a passive income.

FinTech_North-Daniel_RajkumarHow would you describe the global FinTech landscape?

Mesmerising. There’s so much opportunity out there, it’s difficult to know where to start. I think the UK has come a long way and holds a very strong position within the global FinTech field. It’s interesting to see how other countries are also developing. We work with clients all over the world, so have learnt about the industry elsewhere. I think Africa is one to watch; we’re seeing a growing industry in crowdfunding, for example, and I’m really keen to see where that goes.

What do you hope the future holds for FinTech?

Technologically-led firms have become market leaders for most business sectors. It’s normal that there will be some convergence of innovations and there will be some clear leaders who emerge. I hope this pattern continues, and that FinTech continues to play an ever-growing role in the business world.

How do you envisage FinTech North 2018?

We would love to see the event grow, perhaps move it to the First Direct Leeds Arena and attract an even bigger audience.

To find out more about FinTech North, visit the website.

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