Crowdtech Recap: Fintech attracts banks to Israel, and other news

Audrey White

“‘Fintech’ expansion lures foreign banks to Israel,” Reuters

Banks including Citi, Barclays and Santander have begun operations in Israel to try to capitalize on the extensive fintech growth in the country and implement up and coming technologies as part of their bank operations.

“For Large Investment Banks The Rise Of FinTech May Help Alleviate Cost Pressures,” Forbes

Writes Antoine Gara: “Now, FinTech is increasingly seen as a way cut through this technological muck, saving far more money than a next round of layoffs, or re-locations from New York City to Salt Lake City. These investments are seen as the next frontier of cost cutting on Wall Street. And it appears firms that once used to compete fiercely against each other are willing to join forces in the FinTech arms race.”

“How Not to Fail at Your Crowdfunding Campaign,” Time

Time Money offers some no nonsense advice on how to run a successful campaign. First: Don’t take it personally if people don’t contribute.

“Crowdfunding And Capitalism: The Ties That Bind,” Forbes

Philip Salter writes that crowdfunding can help make the good parts of capitalism more available to a public that previously felt shut out of economic experimentation and entrepreneurship.

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