Crowdfunding platforms built with white label technology

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White Label Crowdfunding can be the digital foundation for your online FinTech company. The White Label Crowdfunding platform bolsters P2P investment ventures for multiple sectors. We specialize in building online investment marketplaces for FinTech companies that offer innovative P2P lending, investing, and crowdfunding services.

Our platform is an end-to-end crowdfunding software solution that’s hosted in the cloud.  The types of digital solutions our team has built for our customers include peer-to-peer lending platforms, nonprofit funding platforms, and peer-to-peer investing platforms.

Our platform is based on open source technology that leverages modular integrations to build specialized features for your customers.

We can tailor your build, and can design a customer experience with you that will enable you to rise above the competition.  Every step of the way, we’ll help you build the alternative finance marketplace of your dreams.

Most of our customers explored the possibility of building their own digital finance ecosystems, but decided that cost, time, and uncertainty would have made them miss their deadlines. Are you curious about what we can do for your team?



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