Branded Introducer

We will create your bespoke design
and branded website supported by
our rebuildingsociety platform.

If you’re looking to enter the crowdfunding industry, but don’t quite have the plan, the funds or the time to commit to doing so, we have the perfect solution. We can create a design, build you a branded website, and combine it with the workings behind

This is the perfect way for you to gain a presence within the market. Your platform will use the regulation provided by ours, and all loans are run through the Rebuilding Society risk process. The loans are then listed both on your site and ours, meaning you also get the benefit of our lender base, as well as your own.

Once you’ve successfully worked with this branded introducer concept for a year, gathered the funds necessary and become familiar with the P2P lending concept, you’re in the perfect position to purchase a full build from us, based on the original idea, but fully your own.

Begin your journey today! Contact us or simply click toGet started!