How many businesses does a p2p platform contain?


When you launch an alternative finance or peer-to-peer lending platform, you’re not starting one business, you’re starting several. While all this may sound more daunting than just creating a platform where everyone can converge to create deals, it just means you need to be aware of it up front and plan accordingly.

We’re used to having these conversations and working with clients to build all the necessary functionality to successfully market to and convert numerous target audiences.

The first thing to realise is those that will borrow and those that will lend require dramatically different processes and marketing and communication strategies.

In the UK market for example, marketing to retail investors (the man on the street) is regulated, which brings additional benefits like trust and recourse for customers, but a level of education and responsibility for your marketing team and a strong compliance influence in your user customer journey.

That is a complete contrast to marketing to businesses, where the market is currently unregulated. Many platforms also choose to target introducers or affiliates, so that calls for another strand of strategy, new media relations to establish and building affiliate code or integrating with your chosen plugin.

So it’s important to create distinct customer experiences that meet the needs and expectations of your audiences. This usually means separate areas of your platform, but also an area where they can interact together to bring the transaction about, like an auction page as well as homepages and about us areas.

So while you may have very different messages to each target audience on the product side, you need to have a common ethos or brand value that is present unilaterally. This can require skilful wording and should influence the tone you take publically so people know what you stand for.

When you work with White Label Crowdfunding, we’ll ask you these questions and help you understand where the gaps in your thinking are, so when you launch, it’s a brand and several min-businesses that you’re launching, not just a website.

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