Maria at a Crowdfunding Masterclass


On Tuesday, Maria Samayoa, our Production and Account Manager, spoke at a Masterclass in Crowdfunding held in London.

The well-attended seminar was designed to give attendees insight into the idea of crowdfunding to raise money to develop and grow their businesses.

The evening event incorporated the launch of the Masterclass Crowdfunding website with speeches, networking opportunities, food and drink to create a lively, enjoyable event. The program included a look at what crowdfunding is and the various crowdfunding models. More in-depth overviews of the rewards-based crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding and debt lending models followed, along with a discussion about what investors are looking for and ways of keeping your crowdfunding passion alive.

Maria spoke about the debt lending crowdfunding sector, explaining how our first ever platform,, works and what the P2B lending model is. She explained some of the benefits of this model, commenting that the business costs are fixed, and that the borrower-lender relationship ends when the loan is fully repaid.

Maria was in great company, speaking alongside other experts in the field. Tania Ziegler, researcher and FinTech programme manager who also spoke at this year’s FinTech North event, gave an overview of the industry, giving analytical insight and showing how it has developed over previous years. Jeff Spires, an experienced professional in the marketing, human behaviour and motivation fields, talked about rewards-based crowdfunding, Andrew Adcock, marketing and website expert, then spoke about equity crowdfunding, before Maria took to the stage. Dan Andersson, CEO and President at entrepreneurial membership network Learning Enterprises Organisation, brought the speeches to a close.

A question and answer open mic session and networking and drinks opportunity followed, during which delegates and participants shared conversations and ideas. As the world of crowdfunding continues to expand and grow, so events like this are key in establishing networks, generating dialogue and educating interested parties.

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