Five Reasons to Work With WLCF


Choosing a partner when considering launching a platform or expanding an existing site to incorporate crowdfunding or lending capabilities is of utmost importance. As FinTech has become more and more well-known, with the term “FinTech” earning its rightful place within the modern English lexicon, the number of companies offering site setup services has increased. WLCF is in the good company of other community leaders, including Katipult, CrowdEngine and Crowd Valley. The industry is becoming so relevant that websites such as Crowd Crux are commenting on the crowdfunding arena, and WordPress themes, such as Ignition Deck, are becoming available.

We understand that as with all business decisions, electing a technology partner is a process that requires thought, discussion, deliberation and careful assessment. There are several things that make WLCF stand out from the crowd; elements of our company and experience that we’re particularly proud of.

Here are our top five reasons to work with WLCF.

A Large, Varied Portfolio

PortfolioFollowing the launch of our most recent client, we now have one of the largest portfolios in the business. Our clients come from a range of industries and look for websites that fulfil a variety of functions. We have created the non-profit LENDonate, the supply chain platform Incomlend, the donation and reward platform Investors in Community and the peer-to-peer platform Peer Funding, to name but a few.

Read more in the crowdfunding platforms case studies we’ve published.

A Diverse Team

DiversePetite but powerful, the WLCF team is an international collection of multilingual men and women based all over the world. Hailing from the UK, Poland, Spain, Russia and El Salvador, among others, our team members have years of varied experience and a range of skills that complement each other.

Our different backgrounds, professional histories and talents blend together to create one knowledgeable, dedicated, diverse team.

An FCA-Accredited Platform

FCAThe very first platform WLCF launched – and the website that provided the catalyst for the creation of the company – was recently accredited by the Financial Conduct Authority. is a peer-to-business lending platform that forms a community designed to unite borrowers seeking funding with lenders looking to invest.

After dedicating time and resources to collaborating with the FCA, the team is delighted with the recent recognition.

First-Hand Knowledge

KnowledgeThe process of creating, launching and running gave us first-hand insight into setting up a crowdfunding platform. We have been in your shoes, starting the process from scratch, getting to grips with the industry and overcoming the challenges you may face.

We have learnt a huge amount from our experience, and are here to share our first-hand knowledge and experience with you, as we work together to create your site. Find out more about our first crowdfunding technology project.

Comprehensive Service Offerings

ServicesThe services we offer are not limited to creating and launching a platform. We offer you a series of consultancy sessions at the very beginning of our partnership, to find out more about what exactly you’re looking for, the ideas you have, what you want to prioritise, and how you want your future platform to work.

We then liaise with our developers to begin working on the technical side of things, working closely with you throughout the process. We give you the opportunity to work with a prototype, meaning you can present it to potential investors and get to grips with how it works before proceeding with the main project. We assist you with the launch, promoting your fundraising online platform through our online channels, and offer post-launch support and account management for as long as you need it.

If you are interested in building your very own crowdfunding platform with us, please visit our Get Started page or Contact Us.

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