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White Label Crowdfunding was born from the peer-to-business lending industry.

White Label Crowdfunding offers clients a hosted software solution to power crowdfunding platforms. We use the first-hand expertise we gained through the creation, launch and subsequent success of client platforms to offer unrivalled insight into the peer-to-peer lending industry.

Our clients are among the forerunners in the market. Our technology has processed over 1000 loans for numerous businesses, funded by hundreds of individuals all over the world. We built every aspect of our tailor-made technology to specifically meet the demands of operating a successful peer-to-peer platform.

Clients came to our rebuildingsociety.com team, keen to enlist the services of proven industry experts, and so White Label Crowdfunding was born.


Daniel Rajkumar

Managing Director

Daniel founded WLCF, and runs operations from the company’s Leeds office. He also continues to play an active role in rebuildingsociety.com.

Nick Newton

Business Development Manager

Nick, who works alongside Pawel in the Leeds office, is our clients’ first point of contact. He guides clients through the process, explains how things work, and helps them define and refine their platforms.

Kylie Greeff

Legal & Operations Manager

Kylie is another Leeds-based team member. She is responsible for ensuring all the legal regulations are adhered to, and that everything functions well on an operational level.

Pawel Szewczyk

Project Lead Manager

Pawel oversees all WLCF project from our office in Leeds. He organises tasks, coordinates teams, works on database issues, solves WordPress problems and has an extensive knowledge of all things technical.

Maria Samayoa

Production and Account Manager

Maria multitasks on a daily basis, collaborating with clients, setting up prototypes, leading demos and carrying out testing and post-launch reviews, all from her London location.

Ilya Pluzhnikov

Project Manager

llya sees projects through from launch to completion. Based in Russia, he liaises with clients, delegates tasks to developers, and ensures timely and on-budget launches.

Evelyn Castro

Project Manager

Evelyn is based in El Salvador, and works with customers worldwide. She also launches projects, keeps them on track, progresses tasks and ensures client satisfaction.

Michael Darnaud

VP of Sales

Michael is based in San Francisco in the USA. He works with our American clients, explaining what we do, getting them on board and steering them through their platform launch.

Carlota Montoro

Human Resources Manager

Carlota makes sure that the WLCF team works smoothly, efficiently, and coherently from her office in Madrid, Spain. She trains new employees, tracks progress, and helps to ensure the profitability and success of the company.

Eleanor Montgomery

Content Manager

Eleanor is responsible for the WLCF content, contributes to client site content when required, and supports other team members with marketing and training materials.

Phil Crowther

Graphic Designer

Phil has worked closely with WLCF clients since our launch. He helps bring their visions to life, from branding through to the web design process, and also collaborates on WLCF content, including our website and marketing material.

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