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    Do you have an existing customer base which you will target for borrowing applications? Please provide details.

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    Do you visualise that crowdfunding may become core to your business?

    The business model depends on high volume, low margin transactions. Do you have experience of this?

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    What are your objectives in entering into the crowdfunding space?

    At what stage is your crowdfunding business?

    Compliance Support

    Do you intend to become an FCA-regulated peer-to-peer lending provider?

    Are you registered for anti-money laundering (AML) compliance?

    Do you have an existing consumer credit license (CCL) ?

    rebuildingsociety has invested substantially in the preparation of legal documents, including T&Cs, loan agreements, and security documents. If you intend to offer a crowdfunding model that operates independently from rebuildingsociety (with unique criteria, lenders etc.) then you will need separate legal documentation specifically drafted to suit your model. You can benefit from using the same legal team as rebuildingsociety, who have offered a discounted service for synergistic crowdfunding models.

    Marketing Support

    WLCF is able to offer expert content services to explain and promote peer-to-peer opportunities to your customers. These include copywriting, editing and blogging by industry experts. What level of support do you require with this?

    WLCF has prepared various marketing resources including literature, demo videos, digital campaigns, exhibition displays and more. Would you like to re-brand and use some of the pre-prepared traditional marketing resources?

    Our clients are executing various digital campaigns including: A podcast, search engine optimisation, online PR, PPC campaigns, banner advertising, affiliate campaigns and more. Would you like to execute some proven online/digital campaigns?

    Many of our clients have a comprehensive introducer model and are working with commercial finance brokers throughout the country. Would you like to execute an introducer and/or offline affiliate marketing strategy?

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